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The Vestry is the governing body of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in compliance with the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Arkansas.  The Bishop holds in trust the real property of St. Andrews and the Vestry maintains and cares for that temporal business of the parish.  The Vestry also stays connected to the various ministries of the parish to provide prayer, support, and representation of their interests.  Vestry members are elected by the parish at the Annual Meeting for a 3 year term, with 2 members retiring every year from service as new members come on.  The Vestry is presided over by our Priest and led by our Senior Warden.  The Junior Warden is generally responsible for the buildings & grounds of the parish.


2024 Vestry

Chairman:  The Rev. Craig Gavin

Senior Warden - Cynthia Lunney

Junior Warden - Josh Chapman

Clerk - Erika Breshears

Treasurer - Tommy Phillips 

Members - Sue Chapman, Kaye Eshelman,

Pat Taylor, Sue Williams

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